Time 4 You

1-1 Coaching in ways to stay calm using mindfulness, meditation and positive reflection

This service is very much tailored to a person’s need; these relaxed, calming sessions are available to anyone looking for a one to one interaction with a trained life coach and experienced mindfulness practitioner.

In the past, many attendee’s who have benefited from this service felt more comfortable with a personal approach and appreciated receiving 1-1 attention rather than attending group sessions. 

Each session lasts 2 hours and involves practicing mindfulness in daily life, the practice and understanding of meditation and journaling positive reflections. All content in sessions has proven to relieve stress and anxiety. 

Participants are asked to complete a questionnaire at the beginning and completion of the sessions as a method of measuring positive changes in mood and behaviour.

Reading and guidance material is given during each session 

£39 per Session

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