Time 4 Wellbeing

8 Week Programme for staff members to understand how to stay calm and creative at work by practising mindfulness, meditation and positive reflection.

Learning Outcomes; by the end of the course learners will be able to:

1) Understand how the mind works and the affect it has on us.
2) How being mindful can be beneficial to our health
3) Discover meditation and use positively reflection to balance our emotions.
4) Use the techniques to reduce stress and increase creativity in the workplace
5) Learn how to manage negative thoughts that influence feelings and actions
6) Develop a habit of all 3 practices to reduce stress and increase well being

The programme is broken down into 8 x 2 hour weekly sessions to be held in a
suitable venue which encourages learning in a relaxed environment. Each
session is made up of discussion, practice and theory with a focus on
mindfulness, meditation and positive reflections. At the end of each session
participants will be encouraged to practice techniques at home.
It has been proven with continued daily practice the techniques do help re-train
the mind in detaching quickly from over thinking, which is the main cause of
stress and anxiety and increase confidence and improve wellbeing.
This highly valued daily habit is especially beneficial in developing growth of self-
care and setting personal boundaries.

Breakdown of weekly sessions

Session 1 Time4Thought (Principals, Understanding the Monkey Mind)
Session 2 Time4Breath (Non-judging, Coming off Auto pilot)
Session 3 Time4Food (Beginners Mind & Patience, Reconnecting to Nature)
Session 4 Time4Calm (Trust, Non-striving, Body- Mind Connection)
Session 5 Time4Self (Loving Kindness & Self Compassion)
Session 6 Time4Work (Patience, Effort and Enthusiasm)
Session 7 Time4Gratitude (Appreciation & Thankfulness)
Session 8 Time4Reflection (Acceptance & Letting go,)

£1,495 per 8 Week Programme

During the programme Time4calm will:
Adhere to the principals of mindfulness
Create a facebook closed page to allow participants share understanding and
experiences of mindfulness and what they have discovered during their own
Receive regular e-mails to reflect on previous sessions, regular reading material
and worksheets.
Evaluation questionnaire to measure progress.

This is completed by participants to demonstrate how effective the programme is
in preventing stress and sickness at work by measuring improved team work,
resilience, enthusiasm, motivation and overall wellbeing.
Availability to discuss understanding in 1-1 coaching when required

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