Time 4 Space

The following workshops are available with the following prices: 

1 hour:£120, 2 Hours £180, 3 Hours £230

Time4Calm and how it works for you

Time4Space offers a selection of workshops that introduces simple techniques to ease stress using Mindfulness, Meditation and Positive Reflection with associated health benefits.

Using various techniques and practice we offer workshops based on:

Time4introductions : 

Bringing awareness and understanding of what Mindfulness is and how it can help you ease stress and anxiety 


How being kind to oneself and others brings peace and joy to our lives 


Mindful eating can bring an awareness to our own relationship with food and helps us interrupt any unhealthy habits.   

Vision Board Retreat

A full day interactive workshop that introduces the Vision Board concept and how it benefits your life.

Using creativity with various mindful and visualisation techniques we cover:
Mindful Meditation to access present moment living
Visualisation techniques to gain clarity on what you want in life
Create a Vision Board of your visions for the future
Understand how thoughts influence direction

The aim of the day is to gain insight and clear direction for the life you want in a
friendly and safe environment that allows you to express your own ideas

The workshop can be delivered to 6 to 12 people

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