Time4You’ offers 1-1 coaching in ways to stay calm using mindfulness,
meditation and positive reflection.

This service is very much dependant on a person’s need.
However, from experience those wanting this service tend to be co-dependants,
victims of domestic abuse and people who are unable to attend group sessions
due to other mental health related issues such as anxiety.

  • Each session lasts 90mins that involves coaching mindfulness in daily life,
    meditation practice and journaling positive experiences.
  • Participants complete a questionnaire at the beginning and end of the
    programme as a method of measuring positive changes in mood and behaviour.
  • Reading and guidance material is given during each session.

To discuss booking any of the above or for more information please contact
Laura Ann Hind at or telephone 07711203430

Time4Space Workshops

Time4Calm and how it works for you.

A variety of workshops that introduces Mindfulness, meditation and positive
reflection with associated health benefits. Example: Time4introduction

  • What the 3 techniques are and the health benefits  
  • Understanding the monkey mind
  • Being present
  • Practice Activity
  • Discussion & theory 
  • Home practice handouts. Other workshops include time4Food, Time4Change, Time4Kindness  

Workshops can be delivered from 6 to 12 people


Vision Board Workshops

A half day interactive workshop that introduces the Vision Board concept to gain clarity on what we want in life. 

Using creativity with various mindful and
visualisation techniques we cover:

  • Mindful Meditation to access present moment living.
  • Visualisation techniques to gain clarity on what you want in life.
  • Create a Vision Board of your visions for the future
  • Understand how thoughts influence direction

The workshop can be delivered to 6 to 12 people.
The aim of the day is to gain insight and clear direction for the life you want in a
friendly and safe environment that allows you to express your own ideas.


4 Week Programme  
Aim: Understand how to stay calm and creative in life at work or home practicing mindfulness, meditation and positive reflection.
Learning Outcomes: by the end of the course participants will be able to:
1) Understand how the mind works and the affect it has on us.
2) How being mindful can be beneficial to our health
3) Discover meditation and use positive reflections to balance our emotions.
4) Use the techniques to reduce stress and increase creativity in the workplace
5) Learn how to manage negative thoughts that influence feelings and actions
6) Develop a habit of all 3 practices to reduce stress and increase wellbeing

Teenage Career Support

Free, fun career advice sessions to help young people uncover what they want to do with there lives and how to do it, using vision boards and other visualisation techniques to make sure they have a happy life

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