Parents & Carers it’s Time4Wellbeing

Time4Calm CIC is now facilitating a 4 week programme in Time4wellbeing for those who have the important role of parent or carer within families and within in our local communities.

We all lead busy lives and none more so than those caring for others daily. Taking care of our of own needs plays is a big part in staying healthy to enable us to cope with the daily challenges that often influence how we think, feel and react. Being able to interrupt negative habits that cause stress is a necessary skill that can be learnt.

Making ‘time4calm’ by practicing the 3 calming techniques such as mindfulness, meditation and positive reflection helps us become aware of our ‘voice in our head’ and we become better at letting it go and reduce our automatic reactions to them.

Our worries lessen, letting us deal with each situation as it arises by responding calmly rather than frantically which causes us stress.

It is with much gratitude to those who play the National Lottery that Time4Calm CIC can provide this wellbeing service at a significantly reduced cost. If you live in Houghton, Hetton or Easington Lane you can access this service free of charge. For anyone wishing to take part who live outside the area the cost is only £15 per session.

For further information on Time4Wellbeing please call Laura Ann on 07711203430

Look forward to seeing you there!

Laura Ann Hind

Over the last 5 years I have trained and qualified as a personal coach and developed a continued practice of Mindful Meditation. Whilst attending a retreat in the mountains of Spain I discovered the value of ‘unplugging’ from the many distractions in our daily life. This helped develop a self-awareness that resulted in a conscious response to negative thought patterns and associated emotions. The effect produced a more balanced outlook on life that increased feelings of calm and present moment living. Since completing further practice with Breathworks on ‘Mindfulness for Health’ and Mindful Living on ‘Mindful Based Stress Reduction’. I have used my experience to develop 'Time4Calm' a project which combines personal coaching with mindful practice that complement each other to the benefit of participants who suffer from mild anxiety and stress.

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