Mindful Sunday’s

Many years ago Sunday was considered a day of rest. A day that allowed us all to slow down to rest and restore so we could deal with our own personal needs such as cleaning, washing, ironing and reparing. A day to check in with ourselves and our family usually over Sunday dinner.

This day gave us a chance to pause and reflect on the week that had been and talk about the high’s and low’s that happened. It was a chance to share our thoughts and feelings with others, put them in perspective and learn from them. It brought issues to attention and if something needed dealing with, we could plan it in for the following week to sort it.

Sunday’s were spent leisurely, either by having a nice lie in bed listening to music, reading about what’s happened in the world with larger than usual Sunday papers or spent time in church for contemplation and prayer. It was a day we paused, took a breath and reflected so we could see where we are and what we plan to do for the following week.

It was easier to rest and restore on Sunday’s as there was no shops, offices or factories open. If you worked in a pub it was only open 12-2pm and 7-10.30pm.. The community launderette opened on a morning to allow people to do their washing and it was also a bit of a social hub for those living alone.

It was a peaceful quiet day for everyone in the house, in the street and in the community …we all respected what this day was for and it was made even special because we had only one TV in the living room with just 3 channels and an afternoon matinee we looked forward to watch after dinner. But the most valued (although at the time didn’t know it) was only having one phone .. in the hallway. Rarely anyone rang on a Sunday because everyone else was resting up too. When it did use it, it was usually on the evening to arrange meeting up with friends to walk to school with the next day. Our telephone number was only made up of 5 digits so they were easy to remember.

Reflecting on the simplicity of life back then and how life is today, it is easy to see why many people get so frazzled and stressed today. For some of us who are balanced and have good self control, living life in this 24/7 society isn’t a problem, but for many of us who have over thinking ‘monkey minds’ and lack of self control, having no boundaries or external controls can lead us into a life of constant reactivity and burn out, never finding time4calm in this ‘busyness’ we call life.

This evening spend a moment reflecting on your Sunday, try and notice when you had a moment to pause and just breath or even just daydream looking at the sky. Spending time giving your needs 100% attention by doing something for yourself that serves you well, such as making a healthy lunch or tenderly taking care of your clothes so they are ready for the following week. Planning and preparing is all part of easing us into a new week and knowing all is ready gives us peace of mind for a good nights sleep.

Laura Ann Hind

Over the last 5 years I have trained and qualified as a personal coach and developed a continued practice of Mindful Meditation. Whilst attending a retreat in the mountains of Spain I discovered the value of ‘unplugging’ from the many distractions in our daily life. This helped develop a self-awareness that resulted in a conscious response to negative thought patterns and associated emotions. The effect produced a more balanced outlook on life that increased feelings of calm and present moment living. Since completing further practice with Breathworks on ‘Mindfulness for Health’ and Mindful Living on ‘Mindful Based Stress Reduction’. I have used my experience to develop 'Time4Calm' a project which combines personal coaching with mindful practice that complement each other to the benefit of participants who suffer from mild anxiety and stress.

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