Finding Peace within

Finding Peace within

There’s a reason ‘Silent’ and ‘Listen’ are made from the same letters of the alphabet. When we are silent we can listen with ease.

Reflective ‘non-judgemental’ Questions:

These last couple of years I’ve changed so much and decided to ask myself, “why have I changed from being loving, kind, compassionate and full of joy, to being unloving, unkind, less compassionate and joyless?”

It sounds like depression, so I ask myself what is depression?

From research and experience I believe depression is caused through suppression: to suppress is to de-press.

If I am depressed how did it happen?

I started reflecting back at the changes that had taken place over the last couple of years so I could uncover the reason.

In summary, I discovered my life has become too pressured, too busy, too noisy and too controlled by other people’s fears that triggered ‘old’ fears in my mind.

Losing Myself 

Now my thinking mind is back in control my ‘old’ conditioned thinking patterns / habits have taken over. My ‘wise mind’ my true inner self has broken away and I’m very sad about it. I remember the ‘break’ and how it felt, it was very painful, like the feeling of being suffocated, buried alive and now lost. But, because of my awareness I know it’s not completely lost but dormant within. Hidden deep inside until the silence I practice quietens the mind and sets me free.

To help me express myself I need to ask more questions :

What was my life like when I achieved ‘Calm’

More quiet                                 Less noise

More solitude                            Less people

More human contact               Less technology

More Space                               Less things

More rest                                   Less work

More ease                                  Less pressure

More acceptance                      Less judgments

More stillness                           Less movement

More time                                  Less speed

Spending time alone in silence allows us to listen to our own inner voice. When the thinking mind is quiet, our ‘wise’ mind speaks up and gives us the answers we seek far better than google can.

When we don’t give ourselves time to listen to ourselves, we end up listening to others and this is how conflict grows within us. Anything that grows on the inside gets reflected out, if there’s conflict within it will come out in anger and frustration.

We need time alone to ‘stop’ listening to others and start listening to our own inner voice and let it rise up. I don’t mean the ‘mental chatter’ that our brain waffles on about but our true self. What we ‘know’ is our truth. Not what we ‘think’ but what we ‘feel’ will bring honestly to any situation. To feel we need to reduce thinking through meditation.

Reconnecting to the self

We often dilute ourselves to keep ‘others’ happy and wonder why we feel ‘broken up’ inside. To feel ‘whole’ again we must reconnect to our own true self so we can stop the conflict and stop seeking ourselves in others.  When we ‘think’ we miss another, is really us ‘feeling’ the miss of ourselves.

Thank you for reading 🙂

Laura Ann Hind

Over the last 5 years I have trained and qualified as a personal coach and developed a continued practice of Mindful Meditation. Whilst attending a retreat in the mountains of Spain I discovered the value of ‘unplugging’ from the many distractions in our daily life. This helped develop a self-awareness that resulted in a conscious response to negative thought patterns and associated emotions. The effect produced a more balanced outlook on life that increased feelings of calm and present moment living. Since completing further practice with Breathworks on ‘Mindfulness for Health’ and Mindful Living on ‘Mindful Based Stress Reduction’. I have used my experience to develop 'Time4Calm' a project which combines personal coaching with mindful practice that complement each other to the benefit of participants who suffer from mild anxiety and stress.

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