Benefits of finding Time4Calm

Happiness can be gained through 3 practices that bring joy to life and peace of mind.


Living mindfully enriches lives by focusing on the present and giving 100% attention to what really matters.   

Learning mindful skills and techniques to stay calm and centred during challenging times reduces feelings of anxiety and stress. This is achieved by re-training the brain to stay in the present which increases the retention of important information.

It reduces fear of failure, changing our perspective allows us to view mistakes as an experience to learn and grow from, which encourages curiosity to new experiences and challenges.

Being self-aware through self-inquiry opens our minds to self-care which leads to safeguarding our own life and that of others.

Coming off autopilot is about focusing our attention on the present moment, which brings our own behaviour into focus. We can’t change what we can’t see and in becoming more self-aware we begin to ‘see’ what needs to change in ourselves which increases confidence and subsequently opens the door in leading happy successful lives.      


Living connected to our whole self (instead of living trapped in our heads) enriches our lives by calming the mind and achieving a profound sense of peace within. By reaching a higher level of awareness our true potential grows and develop a feeling of completeness and self-realization. We see ourselves with greater clarity as our bodies heal naturally and maintain good health which allows joy and peacefulness to surround us when developed within us.

Raising awareness increases what we notice, especially how our thoughts influence how we feel. Learning to breathe through uncomfortable moments increases our ability to deal with transitional times in life such as moving from school to the world of work, starting a new job, marriage, parenting, redundancy, recovering from relationships, moving house, bereavement.        

Being aware and celebrating how unique we all are, yet all in it together, promotes understanding, empathy and compassion in ourselves and others. This develops an increased awareness in the importance of inclusivity, equality and diversity.      

Positive Reflection

living positively enriches life by believing in ourselves and what we want to grow in our life. The positive belief that good already exists in our life allows it to grow and increase more of the good stuff.

To bring this action into reality we need to notice what we already have in our lives and feel gratitude for it, think about who we are and what we can do and what we have already achieved. If we want to increase joy and abundance in our life we need to focus our attention on what we want more of and allow it to grow.        


Random acts of kindness have proven to increase well being so it is reasonable to believe that by being kind and loving to oneself it enables us to be kind and loving towards others, which automatically increases empathy and an inter connectedness that brings a great sense of contentment and joy.    

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