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Life is an Experience

Many Years ago I discovered the term ‘co-dependency’  and discovered I suffered from many associated traits that sadly negatively influenced my life and that of my family’s.

My conditioned negative thinking patterns created automatic negative reactions’ which left me behaving like a ‘puppet on a string’ not only my own thoughts, feelings and behaviours, but to everyone else’s.  My life was crazy and out of control because I was so outward focused, rescuing others instead of rescuing myself and my family. 

Thankfully after detaching from negative input and practicing the 3 elements ‘mindfulness, meditation and positive reflection’ I escaped that chaotic way of living which  transformed my life and achieve peace of mind. Knowing there is another way to ‘be‘ I decided to devote my time sharing what I’d learnt and experienced with others by coaching these fantastic, life-changing techniques.

Without discovering the real power of ‘pausing’ before reacting, caring for my own needs with kindness or in other words finding Time4Calm, I would have continued sabotaging my health, wealth and happiness. When we know better we do better and the more I practiced meditation daily and reflected on the positives the loop of negative thinking began to brake. 

Knowing this practice works inspired me to help others, empowering them to seek ways to change and create a more peaceful life.

Qualifying as a Life Coach at Sunderland University  allowed me the opportunity to work with teams in Corporate organisations, to support staff who are parents and carers and create a healthier work/life balance. We also offer workshops in schools and colleges. After recently basing myself in The Old Rectory in Houghton Le Spring we offer group and 1-1 sessions within the Houghton, Hetton and Easington Lane communities to residents living and working in the area.

Whilst working with residents in local communities and busy organisations it felt good to know I wasn’t alone with the ‘voice in my head’. Below is a comment from a past participant: 

“It’s always yesterday and tomorrow, I constantly over think conversations I have had, comments people have made, things I have done, things I need to do, nothing trivial or important though…  I have no idea how to be present in the here and now if that makes sense…”

We sadly develop impatience with ourselves and our children which  creates anxiety within the family. Racing through life to ‘get things over with’ is preventing us from noticing what’s happening within us and around us.  

Making ‘Time4Calm’ reminds us to pause, breathe and reflect on situations. Experience life fully so we don’t miss all the precious moments that truly matter to us.

Time4Calm isn’t just a business, it’s a registered  Community Interest Company

Time4Calm CIC’s Vision is to reconnect people, families and communities. Our Mission is to encourage self-care using an open minded, non-judging, compassionate approach to all. Our values are Acceptance, Non- Judging, Compassionate, Patience, Open Curiosity and Kindness.  Our aim is to support, Parents, Carers and Teachers let go of fearful thinking and focus on the present. 

Carers, Parents and Teachers have known to be the biggest impact on the next generation and onto those they care for. How they care for themselves reflects out onto others, especially children as they mirror what they see and hear.    

We are passionate about people in the local community coming together to share support for one another, and therefore introduced community workshops.

For more information  please go to the contact page and get in touch about what’s on offer. (there’s a button at the bottom of the page)

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Time4Calm’s Directors

Time4Calm CIC has 4 Board Members who support and contribute to our service, here’s a bit more about them:

Judith Parkinson 

Customer Service Officer  Gentoo 

Born and bred in New Herrington, Houghton-le-Spring.

I enjoyed a long successful career in Banking for 39 years in fact and left 3 years ago to join a local housing group as a part time receptionist. Working reduced hours has given me the opportunity to get involved in organisations such as Time4Calm CIC.  

 I am also a valued volunteer for Women’s Aid as an ‘Ask me’ Ambassador and currently a Domestic Violence Champion for colleagues at work.


2 years ago I was introduced to Mindfulness after attending a Time4Calm wellbeing programme, where I discovered techniques that helped me with many aspects of my life for which I am so grateful.

Walking is a passion of mine together with Pilates and Yoga, these combined activities help me de-stress, allowing me to enjoy and appreciate life so much more. 

I am delighted to be part of Time4Calm CIC and look forward to being of service as Secretary.

Michelle Booth 

Consultant & Lecturer at Northumbria University 


Trish Thompson

 Chief Operating Officer , Acumen Community Buildings 


Below are statements from previous participants ….

“Made me realise how much I actually overthink. I can now stop myself, whereas before I would continue.”

I was apprehensive about taking part in the course, I had always avoided self-help courses and thought this might be a similar thing. I needn’t have worried though.”

“Laura did a great job in making everyone feel at ease and her reassuring, calm and understanding nature was excellent throughout the whole time on the course.”

 “I have taken a lot from the course (in many cases not really realising so at first).  The course has taught me that it is OK to say no to things that I don’t have the time to do and it is totally OK to put myself first.”

 “I would recommend the course to anyone, particularly if you are in the mindset thinking you won’t get anything out of it.  I certainly did and was pleasantly surprised!”

Loved it! It’s been great to take some time out
to do this as a team. I’ve personally learned a
lot about myself and have a clean direction on
what positive changes I would like to make.

I know the team have enjoyed it too and
there’s been a great buzz following the

“Coming to your sessions lets me escape from the world and no one there knows my problems, so I can be just me.”

“I notice when something would normally tip me over the edge with stress, I can now tell myself ‘its ok and no one will die over it’. I am calmer and things don’t bother me as much, less anxious, happier and I’ve stopped over exaggerating situations.

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