About me

About me

Good morning (or afternoon, or just simply Hi!)

I’m Laura and I have decided it is time to share my insights with the digital world! I’m the first to say I’m a bit of a dinosaur when it comes to technology, but I thought I’d dip my toe in and give it a go because why not? The point of my blog is to share with you my story, that is how I got to where I am today and generally my day to day life experiences. However, with today being my first entry I thought I’d simply give you a short introduction about myself.

So, who am I? What do I do? Well… I am a business woman by day and a spiritual meditating enthusiast in between. I run my own workshops, programmes and coaching sessions which I encompass in a company that I like to call “TIME4CALM” and offer tons of different group and individual services for mindfulness, well being and all things bringing the future into the now! However, that’s not why we are here (just a little extra about me).

In recent years I have gained a real positive outlook on life and loads of confidence from coaching others and helping them to gain insight on themselves through mindfulness. Is it clear yet that I am a spiritual life coach? It was after learning about the benefits of self-awareness that I decided this was what I wanted to do! Spirituality is a huge part of my life and I enjoy meditating regularly. I love cooking and sharing with others, taking “Pebbles” our camper van out for an adventure and to be sincere I just like making the most of my life!

That being said, I have not always had the privilege of self-awareness and the path to enlightenment…

Have you heard of Co-dependency? I hadn’t 10 years ago. The term is complex but in simple terms can be described as, “excessive emotional or psychological reliance on a partner, typically one with an illness or addiction who requires support” and comes from wanting to guide and support those who have been worn down. It turns out a was a co-dependant person myself and was a hard aspect of myself that I had to face. Fortunately, I have turned my life around but follow up next time for more on Co-dependency as I’m thinking of doing a two-week piece on it before delving in domestic abuse awareness and even more empowering topics!

Sending peaceful thoughts,

Till next time! – Laura

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