with Mindfulness,meditation
and Positive Reflection

Why do we need mindfulness?

Our mind is continually absorbing and processing new information every day and what we take in effects our choices in life by influencing our beliefs, values and how we view the world around us.

However, through the increase and speed of technology
over the last 20 years we are currently bombarded with too much confusing and conflicting information virtually 24/7 it’s become overwhelming, distracting us to a point we feel disconnected from ourselves and those closest to us.

The result is we become stressed and detached from our true feelings and senses and end up living on auto pilot, surviving, but not truly thriving.

Being Mindful can help us wake up from this autopilot existence. By using mindful techniques every day we can reduce our over thinking habits and reconnect ourselves back into the present. With practice, patience and perseverence we can come back to our senses and begin to feel joy and connectedness again.

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What actually is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is literally ‘paying 100% attention to the here and now’ By practicing simple yet effective techniques we can develop the ability to stay calm and relaxed, even when chaos is all around. This practice has been proven to reduce anxiety and stress which means we are able to focus more on the moment we are in by paying full attention to what is happening right now. This allows us to gain more control over our own life and live in contentment with peace of mind.

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Who am I?

Hi, my name is Laura and over the last few years I discovered how to let go of worry and anxiety so I could be present in my own life. I studied and qualified at Sunderland University as a personal coach, my work is based upon Mindfulness, Meditation and Positive Reflections as it was practicing these 3 techniques that gave the best results in easing my ‘over thinking’ mind and what motivated me to create Time4Calm CIC.

I feel there are so many of us feeling anxious as we react to the speed at which we are living today. Racing through life to ‘get things over with to start the next’ is preventing us from taking a breath and pausing to reflect.

Making ‘Time4Calm’ reminds us to stop and experience our life fully so we don’t miss all the precious moments that truly matter to us.

“ You can’t stop the waves,
but you can learn to surf ”

jon kabat-zinn

What does Time4Calm do?

Time4Calm is a Community Interest Company with Carers, Parents and Teachers at the heart of it. Therefore time is made available to custom programmes and tailor to people living and working in different situations.

Time4Calm CIC is split into 3 categories: Time4You, Time4Space & Time4Wellbeing

All of the sessions are completely inclusive and adheres strictly to the Chatham House rule, creating a safe, welcoming environment for all where people can discuss anything and everything without judgement


This 1-1 coaching is based around mindfulness and positive thinking and is primarily designed for those seeking a more individual and personal approach to issues causing stress

Especially supportive to parents, carers, teachers, busy managers also this who have issues around co-dependency, victims of domestic abuse and people suffering from mental health related issues such as anxiety

These sessions are often suited to those who prefer to learn in a private environment rather than in a group setting. This might seem scary for some people, but if you want privacy this is the best workshop for you

Each session last for 90 mins and costs £39.00

A Block Booking of 6 costs £200 (saving £34)

Gift Vouchers are available to purchase


There are a variety of workshops available and are made up a minimum of 4 to a maximum of 12 participants.  Below is a sample.

Time4Eating‘ which is an introduction to mindful eating. Paying attention to how we eat as well as what we eat, opens our eyes to our connect to food and offers ways to let go of  unhealthy habits. This work shop has benefited many who have wanted to lose weight and eat healthier to improve their lives

Time4Sleep’ is a workshop focuses on our sleep patterns that can bring positive changes to how we sleep that can benefit our life by creating the right atmosphere, the right conditions and the right time enabling you to sleep sound, allowing you to have more energy during the day.

Workshops are based on hourly rates

1 Hour £120

2 Hours £180

3 Hours £230

Community funded programmes are available with a 50% discount.


At Work: 4 week programme for employees made up of weekly sessions lasting 2 hours. Within these sessions attendees will understand how the mind works and the affect it has on us and by discovering  mindfulness, meditation and positive reflection will learn to balance their emotions and their work/life balance.

During this programme you can learn to manage negative thoughts that influence feelings and actions as well as develop a habit of mindful practices to reduce stress and increase well being.

At Home and in the Community: 4 Weeks of  mindful meditation and quiet reflection course for local community projects and is open to anyone wishing to find peace of mind

The costs for these programmes can be discussed on application as they are bespoke to the needs of the clients.

“I’ve noticed when I get road rage I now just brush off the rage and breath, and sing along to the radio, I don’t give it my energy”

Bianca – Past Participant


Using Mindfulness, Meditation and Positive Reflections has helped my own recovery from co-dependency ‘habitual thinking patterns’ and allowed me the chance to regain control of my life. Because of this, everything I coach is not only based on the training and qualifications I have, but also on my personal experience

Having worked within local communities for over 10 years, I learnt a great deal from others struggling with ‘over thinking’ and with new insight I reflected on my own thinking patterns which led me to practice mindfulness, meditation and positive thinking over the last 5 years .

During this time I have gained experience working alongside many people who come from different backgrounds with a wide range of ages, from as young as 5 right up to the age of 90.

I’ve worked within different environments such as schools, businesses, sheltered schemes, community groups & young people’s supported housing.

This has given me the opportunity to work alongside others who are each dealing with their own challenges such as stress, anxious thoughts, inability to say no to others, lack of confidence, people who require understanding and knowledge in developing self care.

Having developed empathy these experiences and listening to the needs of others, I have been able to tailor activities, discussions and practices specifically to the needs of participants so they get the most out of each session or workshop.

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